viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Airbrush tip

Will my paint work with an airbrush? What is the best solvent for my painting?

You can do this at home for each brand of paint you have (TamiyaCitadelAndreaAmericanaVallejo, etc.) and each type of solvent (water, alcohol, brand specific solvent -ie: Tamiya thinner).

Using a palette, put a drop of paint in each compartment for each of the different diluents you want to use.

Add the diluent to each drop of paint.

With a clean brush, take some paint and put it on a couple of sheets of paper. Clean the brush each time.

See how is the dilution, if it is uniform you can use that thinner without any problem, if not or if there are some lumps, you know that you should avoid it.

Write your experiences for each brand/thinner to use it in the future.

You could share your experiences with your paint here: the ones that worked or the ones not.